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    Training Pilots With a Mission 


    Missionary pilots bring humanitarian aid and the good news of the gospel to people in need. Most importantly, they fulfill their role in God’s master plan.

    But how do they get started? Every pilot/mechanic needs training, and Trinity Aviation Academy exists specifically to provide the flight and aircraft mechanic training unique to missionary pilots.

    Our purpose is to help mold students in their God-given giftedness and talents through prayer, knowledge of God’s word, training, guidance, and encouragement to become missionaries as God’s instruments serving as pilot/mechanics.

    Our 36-month Mission Aviation Certificate program equips students with:

    • Private/Commercial Pilot Certificate
      • Instrument Rating
      • Tail-wheel Endorsement
      • High Performance Endorsement
      • Complex Endorsement
    • Aircraft Mechanic Certificate
      • Airframe Rating
      • Powerplant Rating

    Trinity Aviation Academy gives you the experience you need to excel on the mission field. Call us today at 740-475-9458 or 253-691-6654.