Flight Level 10,000

Trinity Aviation Academy is seeking crew members to join us in achieving Flight Level 10,000.
What is Flight Level 10,000?
Flight Level 10,000 is a financial campaign which will enable Trinity to provide exceptional
training for our students, monthly salaries for our staff, as well as consistent and improved
maintenance of our facilities and fleet. Our goal is to raise $10,000 per month.
Who can be Flight Level 10,000 Crew Members?
FL10K Crew Members are supporters who donate regularly to Trinity Aviation Academy. They
can be families, churches, businesses, organizations, life groups, Sunday school classes, …
literally any individual or group of people.
Flight Level 10,000 Crew Member Perks:
FL10K Crew Member perks include quarterly newsletters, special TAA merchandise, and the joy that comes with knowing you are enabling men and women to answer God’s calling into mission

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