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    Trinity's program takes 36 months to complete with a total cost of $45,000. This includes books, supplies, and 300 hours of flight time.

    Upon completion of the program, students receive their Certificate in Mission Aviation.

    Flight Training

    Trinity uses Federal Aviation Administration-approved flight curricula and standards. The flight training is conducted under part 61 and we include specialized mission aviation flight training.



    Airframe and Powerplant Apprenticeship 

    Missionary aviation pilots are required to maintain their own aircraft. Our facility offers students the opportunity to work on all types of aircraft engines and airframes. Students work on the school’s aircraft, acquiring the practical experience and skills to meet any need on the field.

    Trinity uses Federal Aviation Administration-approved Aviation Maintenance Technician curriculum and standards.

    The FAA requires a minimum apprenticeship period of 30 months. With flight training incorporated, we expect the program to take a typical student 36 months.

    Ideal Training Location

    Trinity Aviation Academy is based in Eatonville, Washington, south of the Seattle/Tacoma region and near Mt. Rainier. Our facility is located on the property of Swanson Airport (2W3) and is ideally situated near a diversity of training environments, including grass and gravel mountainous strips, international airports, and military bases.