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    Frequently Asked Questions


    When can I start?




    What does the cost include?


    The current rate is $45,000 for the 36 month program. This includes all books and supplies.

    Our cost is entirely to cover operating expenses; our staff is all volunteer. Tuition is subject to adjustment as costs change. The biggest variable is fuel cost, and we may have to adjust the tuition annually to operate effectively. Therefore, a student's tuition cost upon beginning the program will be honored for a minimum of one year.


    How do I pay?


    $5000 up front and $1500 a month thereafter until reaching $45,000.


    What are the hours of operation?


    Monday through Friday typically 7:30am-3pm. Flight training is by its nature weather-sensitive, and some night-flying experience is required; but night and weekend requirements are minimized.


    What if I already have flight time?


    For someone with flight experience, the options are either to pro-rate the flight training here to reach the 300 hour total time graduation standard, or to obtain an additional 300 hours with us at the normal rate.


    What's the area like?

    Eatonville is population 2100 and somewhat a tourist town, and we are roughly 40 minutes south of Tacoma which, of course, is a major city with many more job opportunities for someone with transportation. There are also several other large towns in the vicinity.

    I have a medical condition. How do I know if I am allowed to fly?


    You should make an appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner: . They are typically physicians who also hold FAA certifications. They examine your ability to operate aircraft and will issue a combination Student Pilot Certificate/Third Class Medical Certificate. You will need one of these to start your training at Trinity and it's a good idea to acquire one before coming.


    I have another question...


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